Addressing tomorrow's biosecurity challenges.

Areas of Focus


We develop cutting edge capabilities across the life sciences.

For physicians committed to improving wound healing and mitigating the the risk of infection.
For governments protecting their citizens from biological and radiological threats.
For scientists in Africa working to stop pandemics and the spread of disease.
For engineers at space agencies as they explore the solar system.
For patients in Asia fighting cancer.
For you.

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Human Health, Performance, and Protection

Led by a world-class multidisciplinary team of physicians and scientists, Liberty’s human health division oversees a global clinical program that pushes the boundaries of precision medicine, oncology, epigenetic-driven disease modeling and population genetics.

With an emphasis on genomic medicine and biomedical data science, this team develops care strategies that deliver on the promise of individualized precision medicine. Many of the patients that benefit from Liberty’s oncology and medical capabilities come from parts of the world that have been historically understudied in terms of their diseases and population genetics.

Leveraging innovation across its pharmaceutical development portfolio, the medical division uses proprietary drug compounds to address a wide range of physiological insults that face mankind on earth today and as it prepares to travel to Mars tomorrow. From exposure to radiation as a result of cancer treatment, environmental accident, a terrorist event, or travel in space, Liberty’s medical team addresses the full range of radiological-based obstacles to human health.

Drawing upon decades of research into human metabolic function and the diseases of ageing, these compounds and their analogues hold promise for not just mitigation of trauma, but also enhance human physical performance and stem the negative impacts of ageing and cellular decline. In collaboration with leading research and medical institutions in the United States and Australia, the division drives pharmaceutical programs for the clinic and for government that will benefit mankind for decades to come.


Novel Biological Solutions

The Expeditionary and Special Programs Division is comprised of multi-disciplinary scientists and national security practioners who craft capabilities to address the hardest of biological challenges that face healthcare, industry and government.

The division specializes in advanced molecular biology and the leveraging of novel extremophile species collected across the planet to afford organic, non-toxic solutions for industry, biomedical and national security communities. These capabilities empower our users across the globe to address the growing challenges posed by antibiotic resistance, biofilms on sensitive surfaces, and threats posed by naturally occurring and manmade biological infectious agents.

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